Bible opened to Philippians 4:4-7

On My Anxiety

My own battle with anxiety began when I came back from Afghanistan in 2012. I won’t lead you into thinking I was an infantryman who spent time in intense firefights or who had friends die in my arms. However, I was no stranger to weekly, and sometimes daily, incoming rockets and artillery rounds, traveling in dangerous conditions, and living under the constant threat of car bombs and riots directed at our locations – both of which we experienced.

Grace Fellowship Statement of Faith

This statement of faith is based on the Abstract of Principles – a founding document for the SBTS. Some language has been clarified for modern readers, though I have attempted to stay true to the original document.

Bible page opened to Romans 8:21

On Romans 8:31

The following is my response to a question I received from a friend/student regarding Romans 8:31. We had discussed this section of Romans at our Thursday night “CounterCulture” group – a Bible study for high school and post-high school teenagers.

Bible on stand opened to the book of Philippians

On Christian Humility

Humility is so valued by God that Jesus teaches that those who are humble are the ones who will ultimately be exalted. They are the people who will be most rewarded in the kingdom of God.